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Dear friends,


I hope that you are all doing alright after these difficult two years. I have missed seeing many of your faces at live concerts!


I decided to put this newsletter together, along with launching a blog, to send more regular updates about my artistic endeavors, and to share my experiences!


Right now, along with Earth Singing and my visual art activities, there is much to tell you about, so please scroll down for a few exciting updates!


Please also consider supporting me by subscribing or following me on any social media that you are active in.  Links are provided via those cute little circle icons at the top and bottom of the newsletter!



I stand with the Ukrainian people and find this horrendous attack on autonomy and freedom unacceptable. I recorded a lament in tribute to the lives lost in this war, as a symbol of support for Ukraine



Despite the pandemic, I've managed to stay busy with a few projects. For those of you in California, I will hopefully have a recital in LA soon, and will see you all in person there (updates will come as I know)!


So, let's address the elephant in the room shall we? COVID sucked, it completely obliterated performances I had been preparing for months, if not years, and I didn't earn income I was expecting to earn from them.  I am so fortunate and grateful for my friends and family throughout this, who were an immeasurable source of support.


Something like this, for sure, caused a mass depression and feeling of despair for many artists, and for anyone whose family members died or were closely affected by the virus …. And really, for everyone in the world, stuck in their homes, forced to be stuck in one place and on the internet. This has been such a weird, desolate time… for all of us.


But I do believe better times are coming, and I keep my own hope alive by continuing to create.



I have been able to develop my passion for environmental art these last two years, and I created a project where I can use my voice to raise awareness for our environment and for our planet's fragile beauty.... 


I have started giving presentations about my Earth Singing Project: last month for Nature Links, and coming up next week for ARTIVISM. You are welcome to REGISTER for free if you would like to attend live via Zoom!! 




My environmental art project is called "Earth Singing" and I invite you to check out my playlist on YouTube, which features all my videos. Please also subscribe to my channel - this is of enormous help to me right now, so please consider doing that if you would truly like to be a supporter of mine - it's a simple click of the subscribe button, and helps me to be able to continue what I am doing. 


Click here to access my Earth Singing Playlist! 🌍


Here are two very recent interviews I have done regarding my project and my career (click the images for full interviews!):


With Daytime Ottawa, in Canada:



For The Inspiration Show with Alison Cohen, where she interviews actors, performers, artists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists:






If you are interested in becoming a patron and helping fund my ongoing Earth Singing project, please click the "Become a Patron" button on my official website.



I have also been developing my visual art output, and have also began creating merchandise with my art on it, available now on my Redbubble shop. If you would like a duvet cover, shower curtain, mouse pad, phone case, pillow or other merchandise with a little piece of me on it, look no further than here!


You can also follow my visual art activities via a separate Instagram account: @KATSADART 

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