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Dear friends,


I had a busy year with my Earth Singing Project and am so happy to announce a few developments. Traditional performing is slowly coming back, but I am so grateful that my project has taken off, and I hope it is something meaningful and lasting for my audience and beyond - something that will continuously raise awareness and inspiration for our beautiful planet, our endurance as human beings, and for a melding of creative medias!


I am continuing to film my project in the US and Canada in the near term. For anyone interested in sponsoring / becoming a patron for Earth Singing, please follow this link.


In March I was very honored to be a presenter for ARTIVISM: Art for Social Transformation. For an in-depth account about why I am doing Earth Singing and the various experiences I've had, please check out this presentation here: The Earth Singing Project, Katarzyna SÄ…dej.



My project is also featured in Artivism's global exhibit in New York City along with other inspiring multi-disciplinary artists who create work for social change!  More information about this global exhibit can be found here


I also have a new interview with Pastimes For A Lifetime - this is the third installment of this series of interviews covering my project. If you missed the first two, please check out PART 1 and PART 2.



Thanks also to Anne Warburton for profiling my project for the Musings of a Creative Journey Blog last month!


Also, if you haven't already, please check out my Youtube Playlist , which features all of my Earth Singing videos to date, including a few interviews. Your subscription to my Youtube channel is greatly appreciated!




In other news, recently I was very happy to sing in a live concert hall again after more than 2 years of shut down! The concert benefitted Ukraine, and I was accompanied by the wonderful pianist Nadia Boucher at the University of Ottawa (My Alma Mater!). The recorded concert can be viewed here, and there are also links to donate to the Ukraine crisis via that post. 




I'm very grateful to a few individual sponsors who have become patrons of the Earth Singing project. If you are interested in being a part of this journey with me, please visit this link where there are options to become my patron and to support my creative process.





I have been developing my visual art portfolio! Much of my visual art is inspired by wildlife and nature (many of you have seen my animal oil pastel collection), and my acrylic paintings are inspired by psychology and the subconscious mind. I invite you to follow my separate visual art accounts on Facebook and Instagram.


I am also doing commissions, so please feel free to email me or message me on those social platforms for more information about that. 


For merchandise with my art on it check out my Redbubble shop. If you would like a duvet cover, shower curtain, mouse pad, phone case, pillow or other merchandise with a little piece of me on it, look no further than here!

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