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Dear friends, 
Happy July! I hope summer has been great for everyone! 
Scroll below for some exciting updates in my world:

"Evocations" Album Release 🎉🎊❤️

I have gone and done it! I released an album of my own compositions, and I hope you will check it out! My music is composed through vocal layering, and every sound you hear is my own voice in various styles, colors and ranges, with occasional added sounds of wild nature in the background. This music came to me intuitively, inspired by my Earth Singing project, when I was noticing the various sounds of nature, and the effects of the acoustics in various spaces. I usually compose these songs in one sitting, and am planning on creating concerts live in this style, adding layers until a whole is created!

The amazing photographer and artist Justyna Szluinska designed my album cover, which I think perfectly suits my music! 
Please check out the album tracks via the following links and streaming services:

Canvas Rebel May interview

Click photo above for the full article

I've decided to be more vocal (pun intended 


 ) about my experiences in the classical music world. My experiences are by no means everyone's experience, but I did come to to terms that NOT sharing some of my more intimate stories about the realities of a career in this field would be a disservice to other young aspiring singers who may be as naive and idealistic as I was going into it.  
So, this interview is a start to my sharing some of my experiences that were not always so positive, in hopes that certain details could help others be more discerning, realistic and open to other paths with a music degree (whereas following the path of most can lead to a lot of disillusionment). 
Stay tuned for more personal blog posts, my friends! 

Debut with Jacaranda Music, LA

September, 2022

Jacaranda Music 
After a wonderful debut experience last September with one of LA's foremost music series, and not-to-mention one of USA's best contemporary classical music organizations, I'm very excited to announce that I'll be the featured artist for Jacaranda's season opener! I'm currently learning the hardest piece I have ever prepared - Schoenberg's "Das Buch der hängenden Gärten" Op. 15 (The Book of the Hanging Gardens). This was a revolutionary song cycle composed in 1908, an a-tonal response to romanticism.  It's an intense journey, both poetically and musically, composed by a genius composer who managed to somehow make a-tonal music interesting, with hints of beauty, and definitely fascinatingly expressive in both the vocal and piano parts. The fabulous pianist Steven Vanhauwaert will be joining me for this concert on September 23, 2023 in Santa Monica. More details to come!


Vocal Courses in Nakusp, British Columbia

I have recently been offering two group vocal courses in the beautiful Kootenay town of Nakusp, BC. Nakusp is a summer tourist town with unbelievable scenery and incredible day trips into internal British Columbia's magnificent mountains and lakes. I feel so blessed to be able to offer vocal courses in Nakusp to both residents and tourists! One course is an intensive vocal resonance course teaching people how to properly resonate for both singing and public speaking. The other course is my vocal yoga course - a wonderful outdoor breathing and vocalizing group experience, which is meant to offer both a meditative escape, but also a journey of bodily awareness that helps participants find their optimal resonance in a relaxing group setting in the beautiful outdoors.   




I'm very grateful to a few individual sponsors who have become patrons of the Earth Singing project. If you are interested in being a part of this journey with me, or in supporting all my artistic endeavors, please visit this link where there are options to become my patron and to support my creative process!




Stained Glass
Those of you who know me well, know that I have always been a visual artist, but during COVID I really decided to put a lot of time into producing and creating my visual art alongside my musical activities. And most of all, I decided to put myself out there with it. I will tell you in all honesty that I did not expect to be a resident artist in beautiful Nakusp a year ago! I now am creating stained glass and other art for Nakusp Glass, and am so happy to be able to make commissioned art work!  Here I am with two of my very recent stained glass commissions. 

You can always stay connected to my visual art activities via my separate Facebook page and Instagram account for KATSAD visual art. And if you're interested in a commission, whether it be oil pastel, acrylic painting or stained glass, by all means, send me an email!

For merchandise with my art on it check out my Redbubble shop. If you would like a duvet cover, shower curtain, mouse pad, phone case, pillow or other merchandise with a little piece of me on it, look no further than here!

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